Viva Magenta

According to Pantone, the 2023 color of the year is a raspberry red with purple hints – “Powerful, fearless and inspirational.”

Knee-length Shorts

This year, designers go beyond traditional shapes and lengths, especially in outerwear. Long knee-length shorts demonstrate trendy silhouettes: looser, relaxed, and more comfortable

Transparent Hint

From luxurious linings to lace-trimmed nightgowns and sheer evening gowns. – This spring fashion looks to the bedroom wardrobe.


Wash Denim

Denim has always been known for its casual, rugged, and tough flair, but this season designers have transformed a classic fabric into chic and sensual look


Latex red is the primary color that will be obvious in 2023. This year red is represented by Luscious or Latex Red.


Polka Dots

The Polka Dot is one of the most popular prints this summer. Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Jacquemus all show this trend: this print makes your image playful


The Sea

The nautical theme is back on the catwalks this season: delicate shades of blue and lavender, Breton stripes, sailor caps, and a frill trim, resembling the mermaid’s tail.



The plaid is a universal print, relevant at any time of year. This season, plaid is in the spotlight in both womens and menswear collections.



Lace is generously represented in our spring-summer collections: sensual dresses and bodysuits, luxurious blouses, and lace trim on skirts and shirts.


Crop top

Naked abs are in trend again: this is not only in low-rise trousers but also in half unbuttoned cardigans, in slit dresses and blouses, and in crop tops.



Laconic maxi dresses are the ideal alternative to the mini. The restraint and elegance of such images make them desirable wardrobe items for the new season.

Tights, socks and stockings

Accessories this spring will accompany all of our looks: lace net and colored tights, stockings, and net socks.