From loose jeans and romantic crochets to low-cuts and extreme minis, all the most iconic trends of the spring-summer 2022 season are available for you in the Podium Italia collections.
Very Peri.

The new Pantone Color of the Year announced for 2022 combines the qualities of blue with a deep purple-red hue. Demonstrates a cheerful, joyful mood and creative self-expression


Trouser suits.

Trouser suits with a free cut, as if from a man’s shoulder: laid-back casual or elegant classics – the choice is wide. Twos are relevant in neutral colors and in bright saturated shades.


Designers are looking for salvation from hibernation in bright neon shades. The most popular will be the yellow-green gamut.



Plaid is one of the most popular prints of the spring-summer season. We meet both in sportswear or office bows, and in luxurious evening dresses.

Tiger print

Animal prints, which rarely disappear from the field of view of designers, have been replenished this season with a spectacular brindle color. What is absolutely logical in the Year of the Tiger


Mini skirt.

One of the main fashion trends of summer is mini. In the new season, cropped skirts, shorts and dresses are for girls with any shape. Combine with laconic things or play with contrasts.



Crocheted clothes and accessories have a new chance to become the perfect allies polka dot mushroom bar of fashionable spring outfits. We are looking for crop tops, flared trousers, floor-length dresses and fishnet jumpsuits.


Low landing.

The triumphant return of the trend from the 2000s: boldly open the stomach and proudly demonstrate the pumped press. You can also wear a low rise in layered sets – with shirts or oversized jackets.



There are a lot of dresses in the new collections, which not only hide almost nothing, but also shimmer with a dazzling brilliance of sequins and metallic embroidery. Cardigans and tops made of the finest translucent knitwear are easy to adapt to everyday life in combination with laconic dresses


More volume

The effect of volume is achieved not with the help of size, but using airy materials and volumetric details of the cut. A lot of frills, flounces, flared skirts, puffed sleeves and layering were seen on the catwalks.


Long fringe

One of the most spectacular trends of the season: takes on a variety of interpretations – from glamor in the style of the 20s to western-style. The multi-tiered fringe, soloing in dresses, is especially relevant.



Must have of the season – bra. Wear in everyday and evening bows, combine with suits, skirts or trousers. The best addition to this top is a midi skirt.


In new collections, cutouts appear in the most unexpected places and look very piquant. Oval, round, geometric, combined with laconic styles do not look defiant at all.


The higher you dare to climb, the higher will be the fashionable degree of the image. Extremely high shoes, sandals and sandals will become an accent not only of the image, but also of your stories.


Luxurious shade, which is provided sold-out. The azure color can easily adapt not only to the everyday wardrobe, but also to the evening dress code.



They still occupy the top positions of the fashion wish-list. The most relevant are catsuits, tight-fitting and very sensual. Wear on its own or as a layer under shirts, jackets and dresses.


All shades of yellow.

They still occupy the top positions of the fashion wish-list. The most relevant are catsuits, tight-fitting and very sensual. Wear on its own or as a layer under shirts, jackets and dresses.


In the new season, designers are experimenting with the length, width, color and direction of the strip. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal stripes can visually correct the features of the figure.

Loose jeans.

Model-compliment for any type of figure – unlike skinny. With inspiration, designers have relied on denim, which allowed baggy jeans to get every chance to become a key element of the wardrobe.