The catsuit – a tight-fitting jumpsuit made a real boom on the world’s catwalks.  It doesn’t matter if it’s made from mesh, lace, wool, or knitwear, if it is plain or has complex abstract patterns – what really matters is that you feel confident about your body


Eco fur

We continue to follow the trend towards environmental friendliness and conscious consumption.  Double-breasted coats, parkas, short and oversized fur coats, and jackets should be made from fake fur.  Which, by the way, will look spectacular in different shades.

The total knit

Knitwear is a key trend this season.  The more knitwear you have in your wardrobe, the better.  Maxi dresses, suits, shoes, and even bags – designers focus on the total look.  Knitted minimalistic dresses perfectly match brutal boots.


Mykonos Blue

According to the Pantone Color Institute, it is a bright blue, reminiscent of the famous Greek island and the color of the Aegean Sea


One of the main colors of the season, announced by Pantone experts, is a glowing yellow, cheerful and joyful like a sunny day.



The Pantone Color Institute suggests a wonderful Leprechaun green shade for the new season’s clothes, symbolizing the famous elves from Irish myths.


Fuchsia Fedora

Another important shade on the Pantone list is Fedora’s fuchsia.  A bold pink shade, seductive and charming.



Adobe is a warm and encouraging shade of sunburned terracotta.



The brands confess their love for chess and use the iconic black and white print in different variations.  Including transforming the pattern into rhombuses.  They suggest traditional vests, coats, silk dresses and skirts with the distinctive pattern.



Winter seasons, full of holidays and events, rarely do without sequins.  Scattering of sparkling stones now adorn not only metallic dresses and jumpsuits, but even sweatpants, hoodies, and favorite sneakers.


Quilted clothing

Quilted clothing is not just bombers, parkas, coats, or capes.  In the new season, quilted dresses made from loose textured fabrics, ideally mixed with basic jersey and cotton, will become your favorites.


Extra-long sleeves

Juda uzun yengli sviter yoki pulover? Kutilmaganda qulay va shubhasiz urfbop. Acne Studios yoki Balmain`dan izlaymiz. Qalam-yubka va yirik bezaklar bilan kiyamiz.


Vests remain popular since last winter.  Make a fashionable upgrade and add different options to your wardrobe: from monochrome to bright prints, which will become a key detail of your image.

Ski aesthetics

It is expected that designers have paid a lot of attention to cozy colored jackets, patterned down jackets, insulated leggings, and sweaters with Scandinavian patterns.  Outfits that look like ski resort uniforms are an absolute hit for those who love warmth.


The bra-tops that were the “must-haves” of the summer season, have been integrated into the winter wardrobe.  Designers suggest wearing silk tops over oversized jumpers and dresses, combined with tops and translucent long sleeves.  Short jackets are also the hit of the season.